MDS Master Stations

GE’s MDS is an end-to-end industrial wireless communication provider which carries serial and IP/Ethernet traffic, as well as analog and digital I/O signals connected to field sensors and devices, accommodating an extensive variety of industrial protocols. GE’s MDS wireless radios have been rated and tested to harsh specifications and operate over licensed and unlicensed narrowband communication in a variety of frequencies. 

MDS Master Stations are used with SD Series and x710 Series remote radios. In licensed systems, the Master Station is assigned the primary transmit frequency that is used to communicate to all remote radios in the network. In a redundant configuration, the Master Station has two complete full duplex SD Series transceivers and power supplies. In the event of a failure, the controlling logic switches to the standby unit. The standby transceiver is always operating and its readiness can be monitored by the user and external network management systems. The MDS Master Station is also available in a non-redundant configuration. Usually, the Master Station is located where the primary connection to the user’s host system or network is made. Sometimes, clear RF line of sight to remote radio locations cannot be found at control centers or host system connection points. In these cases, the Master Station can be configured as a streaming Repeater and located at tower sites where line of site can be achieved. An additional Master Station is then configured as a polling Remote. Host system communication is then accomplished at the polling Remote throughout the Repeater to all remote radio locations.