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Mounting Pads

Cable mounts or mounting pads are designed to attach cable ties to a surface. Cables and wires can be bundled together and held in place by a cable tie which is then secured to a cable mounting pad. Cable mounting pads can be installed along walls and ceilings for effective cable management. They are typically made of nylon and are available in white and black. Four-way cable mounting pads have an adhesive backing for quick installation or can be secured with a screw via a center screw hole. Two-way cable mounting pads are mounted using a center screw. Push-mount bases are designed to be used with an existing hole and are simply pushed into the hole using retention clips to hold the mount in place.

Cable ties are a type of fastener designed to hold electrical wires and cables together. Cable ties are generally made of nylon with a slot through which a notched cable is threaded and pulled back to lock. When selecting cable ties for an application, it is important to match the maximum bundle diameter of the cable tie with the diameter of the cable bundle. The strength of the cable is also important. The tensile strength of a cable tie is measured in pounds and is the breaking point of the tie. The higher the tensile strength, the stronger the tie. If the application in which a cable is being used includes exposure to the elements or high heat, it is important to choose the right material. Weather-resistant or heat-stabilized Nylon 6.6 would be a better choice over standard Nylon 6.6.


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Dottie DT75S - 3/4'' X 3/4'' Natural Cable Tie Mounting Base
Ilsco E-223 - Steel Screw, 10-32 x 1/2in, Zinc Plated, NEMA Code 0-000-1. Silver-colored steel material with zinc-plated connector finish. Slotted drive type, no specific drive size specified. Ideal for various applications requiring a durable and corrosion-resistant screw.
Ilsco NBW-50-250 - Mounting Hardware set includes essential components for installation, featuring 1 Aluminum Bolt (1/2-13 x 2-1/2in), 1 Aluminum Nut, 1 Stainless Steel Belleville Washer, 1 Aluminum Flat Washer, and 1 Stainless Steel Flat Washer. Complies with NEMA Code S-588-3 standards. Complete with necessary hardware for secure and efficient mounting.
Ilsco NBW-50-200 - This mounting hardware set includes 1 aluminum bolt (1/2-13 x 2in), 1 aluminum nut, 1 stainless steel Belleville washer, 1 aluminum flat washer, and 1 stainless steel flat washer. Designed to NEMA Code S-588-3 specifications, it ensures secure and durable fastening for various applications.
Ilsco NBW-38-125 - Mounting hardware set for NEMA Code S-588-3 includes essential components: 1 Aluminum Bolt (3/8-16 x 1-1/4in), 1 Aluminum Nut, 1 Stainless Steel Belleville Washer, 1 Aluminum Flat Washer, and 1 Stainless Steel Flat Washer. Ensures secure installation for various applications.
Ilsco MB-20UVB - The Black Mounting Base 1 x 1 is designed with a NEMA Code of 0-000-1 for optimal performance. Its sleek black color adds versatility to any environment. This durable and reliable base is ideal for various mounting applications, providing a secure foundation for your equipment.
Ilsco MB-20 - The Mounting Base measures 1 inch by 1 inch and is NEMA Code 0-000-1. It is designed in a natural color and provides a sturdy base for secure mounting. Suitable for various applications requiring a compact and reliable mounting solution.
Ilsco 45-PMBUVB - The Black Mounting Base measures 5/16in x 9/16in and is compatible with NEMA Code 0-000-1. It comes in a sleek black color, providing a secure and stylish base for various electronic components. Ideal for mounting equipment in a compact size.
Ilsco MHB1000 - Horizontal mounting hardware for portable cyclone. Includes 1/bag, NEMA Code 0-000-1. Essential for secure installation and stability. Durable and reliable construction ensures long-lasting performance. Compatible with various portable cyclone models. Easy to install for quick setup. Ideal for industrial settings.
Ilsco E-153 - This Zinc Plated Steel Screw is 1/4-28 x 7/16in in size, perfect for wire binding applications. With a NEMA Code of 0-000-1 and Slotted Drive Type, this silver screw is durable and reliable. Made of sturdy steel with a zinc plated finish, this product is built to last.
Ilsco R-16 - Phenolic Black Mounting Block for Neutral Bars with NEMA Code S-588-3. Made of durable phenolic material with 2 mounting holes, 1 conductor port, and mechanical connections. CSA listed with mounting bolt size #10 and hole spacing of 1.693 inches. Replacement part E-153, accessory E-223. Suitable for various electrical applications.
Ilsco 48-214 - 14-inch, 50lb Mounting Natural NEMA Code 0-000-1. Pack of 100 units, 10 bags per master carton. Durable and reliable for secure mounting applications. Designed to meet industry specifications. Ideal for industrial or commercial use.