Grounding Electronic Enclosures

Power distribution electrical enclosures are designed to supply power to electrical equipment, to start or stop the flow of power to electrical equipment and to monitor and detect the operation of electrical equipment. Power distribution cabinets protect the internal components from the surrounding environment and protects operators from electric shock. They come in many different shapes, sizes and materials. The power distribution enclosure will have holes made for pulling cables inside for incoming electric current and cables leaving for power distribution. Having the proper connectors are essential for maintaining the NEMA rating of the enclosure.

Enclosure grounding is an essential safety measure that must be installed in order to clear any electrical faults and to protect equipment from damage and operators from electric shock. Ungrounded or poorly grounded enclosures will not clear the electrical fault and can remain operating and energized. The ground path resistance from the enclosure back to the source ground must be very low, resulting in the fault current traveling quickly to ground. Grounding kits, bonding straps, grounding bars and insulated brackets are available to help facilitate proper enclosure grounding.


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Hoffman ECFP08 Central Earthing Point, ECFP. Provides earthing contact surface for horizontal or vertical frame profiles. For a secure earthing point with multiple connections for simple installation. Galvanized Steel 70mm x 42mm x 3mm.
Grounds rack or cabinet to common bonding network under floor or overhead. Made of #6 AWG x 7 strand wire with green THW insulation and two-hole compression lug mounted on one end. Includes fasteners.
Hoffman DGT2 Drip Shields Other Accessories
Hoffman DGT1 Drip Shields Other Accessories
Hoffman DGLG Drip Shields Other Accessories
Hoffman LRGGDKSS Drip Shields Grounding Accessories
Hoffman LRGGDK Drip Shields Grounding Accessories
Hoffman SMGDK Drip Shields Grounding Accessories
Hoffman P2AGPK Grounding Plate Kit
Ground Splitter (Ground Bar) for Splitter Box or Splitter Trough.
Ground Splitter (Ground Bar) for Splitter Box or Splitter Trough.
Ilsco TA Series Aluminum Soderless Ground Lugs are Dual Rated-One Conductor. Electro-tin plated and made with high sterngth 6061-T6 aluminum alloy for low contact resistance and maximum durability. Chamfered opening to make wire installation easy. UL listed ideal for up to 2000 volts.