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Enclosure Grounding

Enclosure grounding is a fundamental safety practice in electrical systems, especially for metal enclosures, which are common in housing electrical equipment. This process involves creating a secure connection between the enclosure and the earth ground, providing a path for fault currents and reducing the risk of electric shock. The grounding system typically includes ground wires or a grounding conductor that connects the enclosure to a ground rod or other grounding point.

The main purpose of grounding metal enclosures is to ensure that in the event of an electrical fault, such as a short circuit, the fault current is safely directed to the earth, preventing it from passing through a person. This connection to earth ground is crucial for preventing electric shocks and protecting both the equipment and individuals working near or with the electrical system.

Grounding also plays a significant role in stabilizing the electrical potential of the enclosure, thus safeguarding sensitive electronics inside from static charge buildup and voltage spikes, which might occur due to lightning strikes or power surges. For metal enclosures, this is particularly important as metal is a good conductor of electricity.


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Ilsco NBCE-3192-0 - Copper Neutral Bar with 31 large ports and 92 small ports. Suitable for conductor ranges 1/0-14 for large and 6-14 for small. UL and CSA listed, NEMA Code S-588-3. Voltage rating of 35kV. Made of copper with tin connector finish. Mounting hole type: Thru. Wire binding screw size: 5/16.
Ilsco GGB-8 - Permaground Copper Grounding Grid with UL and CSA certifications, NEMA Code S-573-3. Suitable for conductor range 500-250 kcmil, featuring copper material, bare connector finish, and direct burial capability. Compatible with #6 rebar and 1in ground rods. Meets UL 467 Listed specifications. Ideal for grounding applications.
Ilsco GGB-7 - Permaground Copper Grounding Grid with UL and CSA certification. Suitable for conductor range 500-250 kcmil. Made of copper with a bare connector finish. Direct burial approved, with a #5 rebar size and 3/4 inch ground rod size. UL control number 667P. Meets UL 467 and CSA C22.2 No. 41 standards.
Ilsco GGB-6 - The Permaground Copper Grounding Grid is a UL and CSA-listed product with a NEMA Code of S-573-3. It has a conductor range of 500-250 kcmil and is suitable for direct burial. Made of copper with a bare connector finish, it is designed for reliable grounding applications.
Ilsco GGB-5 - The Permaground Copper Grounding Grid is a UL and CSA listed product designed for direct burial. It features a conductor range of 500-250 kcmil, copper material, and a 1/2in ground rod size. With a NEMA Code of S-573-3 and dual bare connector finish, it ensures reliable electrical grounding.
Ilsco GGA-6 - The Permaground Copper Grounding Grid is UL listed and CSA certified, featuring a main conductor range of 500-250 kcmil and tap range of 500-250 kcmil. Suitable for direct burial, this copper grid accommodates ground rod sizes 5/8 to 3/4in and rebar sizes #5-#6. Ideal for secure grounding connections.
Ilsco GGA-4 - The Permaground Copper Grounding Grid features a main conductor range of 500-250kcmil, tap range of 2-6, and accommodates ground rod sizes of 5/8 to 3/4in. UL and CSA certified, with NEMA Code S-573-3 and CSA Standard C22.2 No. 41. Direct burial compatible and designed for secure grounding applications.
Ilsco GBT-250 - A rugged Aluminum Intersystem Ground Tap, dual rated for Main Conductor Range 250-8 and Tap Range 2-14. UL and CSA certified with NEMA Code S-573-2. Suitable for direct burial, mechanical connection, and includes stainless steel wire binding hardware. Ideal for secure and reliable electrical grounding applications.
Ilsco GBT-1/0-M-W/C - Aluminum Intersystem Ground Tap, dual rated for main conductor range 1/0-8 and tap range 2-14. Mountable with UL and CSA certifications. Includes cover, suitable for direct burial. Suitable for stranded and solid conductors. Stainless steel hardware, NEMA code S-573-2. Compact size with multiple mounting holes for versatile installation.
Ilsco CSWS-750-38 - Surecrimp Copper Compression Lug for 750 kcmil conductors with 3/8in bolt size. Tin plated with UL, CSA, and NEMA certifications. Color: Silver. Material: Copper. Connection: Compression. Voltage Rating: 35 kV. Barrel Length: 1.5in. Tang Thickness: 0.282in. Mounting Hole Type: Thru. Ideal for Flex conductors. Temperature Rating: 90°C.
Ilsco CSWS-700-58 - Ilsco Surecrimp Copper Compression Lug for 700kcmil conductors with 5/8in bolt size. Features sight window, tin plated finish, UL/CSA approved. Suitable for 35kV applications with 90°C temperature rating. Compression connection, standard barrel with pink color code. Tang dimensions of 1.437in length, 1.816in width, and 0.259in thickness. Meets NEBS Level 3 rating.
Ilsco CSWS-700-38 - Surecrimp Copper Compression Lug S-588-3 is a high-quality lug with a conductor size of 700 kcmil. Made of copper with a tin finish, it is UL, CSA, and NEMA approved with a voltage rating of 35kV and a temperature rating of 90°C. Features include a sight window and a 3/8in mounting bolt size.