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Cord Grips

Cord grips are essential components used in various applications to attach and secure cables to electrical boxes, control panels, or equipment. They often work in tandem with cable glands to provide a robust solution that helps in preventing cable damage. One of the primary functions of a cord grip is to form a seal around the cable, protecting it from factors like moisture and dust. This seal is particularly beneficial in industrial settings where cables might be subjected to harsh conditions.

Cord grips are generally made from various materials, including flexible PVC or more durable metals, and they come in different shapes and sizes. These fittings can snugly attach to cables, providing a stable base that can be connected to electrical boxes or conduit. This ensures that the wire or cable is not only secure but also remains flexible, allowing for some bend without inducing stress on the cable itself.

The ability of cord grips to seal out moisture is particularly important in environments that might be exposed to water or other liquids. It is also essential in maintaining the integrity of electrical connections, as moisture can create a host of issues including corrosion and electrical shorts.


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Ilsco 25299 - The STRAIN RELIEF CORD GRIP 10/BA G is designed for secure cord anchoring. Each bag contains 6 grips, suitable for NEMA Code 0-000-1 applications. Durable and reliable, this product provides strain relief for cords in various settings. Ideal for industrial, commercial, and residential use.
Ilsco PG-510 - Woodhead Molex Pulling Grip is designed for NEMA Code 0-000-1 applications. This gray grip ensures secure and reliable cable pulling. Durable construction and easy installation make it ideal for various industrial settings. Streamline your cable pulling process with this high-quality pulling grip.
Ilsco 81112 - This product includes 2 grips o rings for a 1-inch grip. Each grip ring is sold individually, with 1 ring per master. NEMA Code: 0-000-1. Ensure secure and reliable connections with these high-quality grip rings.
Ilsco 81111 - GRIPS O Rings (2 count) designed for 3/4in GR IP 1 Ring. NEMA Code: 0-000-1. Each pack includes 1 ring. Ideal for secure grip applications. Durable and reliable construction for long-lasting use. Keep connections tight with these high-quality O rings.
Ilsco 81934 - 2-inch to 2 3/4-inch OD pipe compatible 32-inch twin-wrapped grip with swivel. NEMA Code: 0-000-1. Designed for secure and efficient pipe fastening. Each grip sold individually for easy installation. Reliable and durable for various industrial applications.
Ilsco 81933 - 32-inch mesh grip designed for 2-3/4 inch OD pipes. NEMA Code: 0-000-1. Features a tw grip for secure installation. Each package includes 1 grip. Durable and reliable construction ensures a tight and lasting hold on pipes. Perfect for various industrial applications.
Ilsco 81932 - 32in Twist Grip with Swivel for 1-1/4in-2in OD Pipe. NEMA Code: 0-000-1. Designed for easy installation on various pipe sizes. Durable and reliable construction. Ideal for securing pipes in various applications. Sold individually.
Ilsco 81931 - The MESH GRIPS 32in TW GRIP is designed for 1-1/4in-2in OD pipes. It consists of 1 grip per package and has a NEMA Code of 0-000-1. Durable and reliable, this grip provides secure and comfortable handling for various pipe sizes.
Ilsco 81922 - 26in TW grip with swivel for 1-1/4in-2in OD pipe. NEMA Code 0-000-1. Designed for secure pipe installation. Durable grip material. Swivel feature for easy adjustments. Ideal for various pipe sizes. Ensures reliable and stable support. Sold individually. Quality product for industrial applications.
Ilsco 81921 - Wire mesh grip designed for 1-1/4 in. to 2 in. pipes. Features a 26 in. triple weave for secure installation. Compliant with NEMA Code 0-000-1. Ideal for industrial and commercial applications requiring sturdy and reliable cable support.
Ilsco 81912 - The GRIPS 24in DW GRIP WITH SWIVEL is designed for 3/4in-1-1/4in OD pipes. NEMA Code 0-000-1 ensures quality and durability. Ideal for secure pipe installation with easy handling. Get a reliable grip and swivel functionality in one product. Buy individually.
Ilsco 81911 - 24-inch mesh grip with a DW grip suitable for 3/4 to 1-1/4 inch OD pipe. Each sold separately. Conforms to NEMA Code 0-000-1 for quality assurance. Ideal for securing and protecting pipes with ease. Durable and reliable construction for long-term use.