Schneider Electric

RSP Supply has a large inventory of Schneider Electric products for all your electrical and automation needs including PLCs, breakers, relays, transformers, pushbutton and indication, starters and more!

Schneider Electric provides various solutions to the automation industry, oil and gas industry, water, and other industries that require these products. From complex systems to systems that need an update, Our Schneider electric product line will assist your engineers in their search for innovative ways to refine or build in a cost effective, more efficient way! 


Schneider Electric Products:

 • Square D Electromechanical Relays
 • Square D Solid State Relays
 • Square D Branch & Supplementary Breakers
 • Square D Main Breakers
 • Motor Starters
 • Starter Contactors
 • Schneider Push Button Switches
 • Schneider Selector Switches
 • Square D Transformers

Schneider Electric Parts