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Allied Moulded


Allied Moulded nonmetallic electrical boxes enclosures


Welcome to RSP Supply, your go-to distributor for quality electrical products. We are proud to offer a wide range of Allied Moulded products to meet your specific electrical needs.

Electrical Boxes

Our selection of Allied Moulded electrical boxes includes a variety of options to suit your specific needs. We offer fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) boxes that are resistant to corrosion, impact, and UV radiation, making them ideal for outdoor and harsh environments. We also offer polycarbonate boxes that are lightweight, easy to install, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.


In addition to electrical boxes, we also carry a range of Allied Moulded enclosures, including NEMA-rated enclosures, junction boxes, and pull boxes. These enclosures are designed to provide protection for your electrical components and are available in various sizes to accommodate different applications.

Allied Moulded non-metallic enclosures are designed to protect against the toughest elements and environments across a wide array of industrial applications.  See our full line of Allied Moulded Enclosures here.
Allied Moulded fiberglass enclosures are designed to provide superior protection for electrical and electronic equipment in harsh environments. They are resistant to corrosion, UV radiation, and impact damage. See our full line of Allied Moulded Fiberglass Enclosures here.
Allied Moulded polycarbonate enclosures are lightweight yet strong, making them ideal for use in applications where weight is a concern. They are also UV resistant and can be used in outdoor applications. See our full line of Allied Moulded Polycarbonate Enclosures here.
Allied Moulded polyester enclosures are made from a high-strength, fiberglass-reinforced polyester material. This material is known for its durability and resistance to harsh environments. See our full line of Allied Moulded Polyester Enclosures here.

At RSP Supply, we understand the importance of having reliable electrical products, which is why we are proud to offer Allied Moulded products. With our extensive selection of Allied Moulded products and our commitment to customer service, we are confident that we can meet all your electrical needs. Contact us today to learn more about our Allied Moulded products or to place an order.