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Being an authorized distributor for Automation Products Group (APG), We carry various level sensors, gauges, switches and more! These instruments are design for clean and dirty environments while precisely measuring what is needed. RSP supply also carries products that are intended for corrosive environments as well.  

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If you don't find the APG Sensor, APG Transmitter, APG Controller or APG Switch here, or if you need custom product modifications, please contact us at 888-532-2706 and we will take care of you

About Automation Products Group (APG)  

APG began in Salt Lake City, Utah when an engineer wanted to improve the lives of farmers. One of the first products created was a control system that used an ultrasonic sensor that would pilot the machinery around farming fields.  Today RSP Supply carries APG level sensors, transducers, switches and more to help not only farmers but several other industries as well.