MH&W presents CoolBLUE® common mode chokes for the highest reliability and longevity of your VFD motor system!

CoolBLUE┬« Inductive Absorbers absorb the noise on the power cables generated from the VFD before it gets to the motor. The CoolBLUE soft magnetic cores work as a single turn, common mode suppression choke. They do not affect the symmetrical power currents, but efficiently dampen the asymmetrical radio frequency noise currents. They also suppress the asymmetrical EMI currents, which are generated by the currents of the motor itself, together with the motor cable. CoolBLUE Nanocrystalline absorbers are better than other soft magnetic materials because only 20% of the magnetic mass is required, significantly reducing the number of cores needed. Installation around power cables takes less than 10 minutes. Simply disconnect power cables, install the cores around the cables and reattach the power. Less than 7 core sizes fit all motor applications (0.25HP to 1600+HP), the cores last a lifetime and there is no maintenance.