ABB Authorized Distributor:

As an authorized distributor for ABB, RSP Supply carries their specialized industrial automation, motion, and electrification products. From relays and controls to circuit breakers and contactors, we want to increase efficiency, productivity, and reliability.   ABB is known for their automation products that increases performance while maintaining low impact on the environment.  Use a relay to check conditions or even to just increase the number of contacts. Use contractor to control variables such as flow power and protection, or to managing circuits. Use ABB’s terminal blocks or contact blocks to secure and connect multiple wires.  

The ABB line has an abundance of products that are needed for your project needs! 

  • Electronic Relays and Controls 
  • Configurable Power Circuit Breaker 
  • Relays 
  • Contactors
  • Terminal Blocks 
  • Circuit Breakers 
  • Disconnect Switches 
  • Switches