Ferraz Shawmut


Ferraz Shawmut glass fuse

Ferraz Shawmut is a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of electrical protection solutions. The company was founded in 1884 and is headquartered in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Ferraz Shawmut is known for its innovative approach to electrical protection and its commitment to customer satisfaction.Ferraz Shawmut offers a wide range of products for electrical protection, including fuses, fuse blocks, surge protection devices, and power distribution blocks. Here are some of the products that Ferraz Shawmut offers fuses, fuse blocks, surge protection devices and power distribution blocks. RSP Supply is a proud distributor of Ferraz Shawmut time delay and fast-acting fuses. 

Ferraz Shawmut time delay fuses will carry an overload for a short period of time without blowing. These fuses are ideal for situations where acceptable momentary overloads are encountered, such as starting a motor. Ferraz Shawmut fast-acting fuses blow immediately after the maximum rating of the fuse is exceeded. These fuses are ideal for protecting sensitive equipment. See our full line of Ferraz Shawmut Fuses here: