ROHN Products


ROHN was founded in 1948, and quickly became the industry standard for towers. By 1980, they had structures standing on every continent and in nearly every country around the world. ROHN towers are fabricated from the highest quality steel and their fabrication facility has been awarded Certification by the American Institute of Steel Construction and the Canadian Welding Bureau. ROHN provides small guyed towers with insulated bases and guy wires for AM applications all the way up to 2000 ft television broadcast structures. ROHN mast arms, monotube assemblies and steel strain poles are designed and manufactured to AASHTO 2000/2001 standards. Their products can be supplied galvanized, paint over galvanized or factory finished paint coat and the poles are available with a traditional anchor base or for direct embedment. RSP Supply is a proud distributor of ROHN towers and direct embed poles.