RSP Supply Stocks OptiFuse Products!:
RSP Supply carries OptiFuse fuses in our inventory.  With their distinct glass casing, these fast-acting fuses are perfect for projects that desire these types of fuses. Furthermore, these fuses are UL-certified as well as RoHS and REACH compliant to ensure the highest quality of fuses. Find OptiFuse Products Here!

About Optifuse: 
Founded in 2000, Jim Kalb wanted to create an alternative product to Littelfuse or Bussmann. OptiFuse carries fuses, fuse clips, fuse blocks, fuse holders, resettable fuses, circuit breakers, and more! With several products that will assist in your circuit protection, contact RSP Supply for any OptiFuse product for your need.  

As an OptiFuse Distributor, if you can't find the OptifFuse fuse you are looking for on the RSP Supply website contact us at 886-532-2706 and we'll get it for you.