Eaton Bussman Edison Fuse

Edison Fuse Distributor:
RSP Supply carries a large inventory of Edison Fuses, ranging from .2 amp fuses to 600 amps fuses for 250 volt applications and .6 amp fuses to 600 amp fuses with 600 volt ratings. Edison's fast acting or time delayed UL Class L fuse types, UL Class RK1 fuse types, and UL Class RKS fuse types are ideal for your industrial systems. Popular products include the Edison base fuses, Edison time delay fuses, and Edison base plug fuses. Find Edison Fuses here!


 Things to Remember: 

  • Fuse Rating 
  •  Fuse Size
  •  Fuse Specifications


About Edison: 
With headquarters located in St. Louis, Missouri, the brand of Edison fuses was formed in 1993 when Brush Fuses and Cooper Industries merged and later become a part of Eaton. Edison product line of fuses are another high-quality choice for circuit protection.