Ubiquiti radio router

Ubiquiti Networks Distributor:
RSP Supply offers the complete line of Ubiquiti Networks enterprise level, wired and wireless data communication products. Ubiquiti manufactures easy to install radios and antennas, including radio-antenna combos, as well as cameras, access points, switches and routers for all types of applications. If you can’t find the Ubiquiti product you are looking for, call us and we will find it for you.

Ubiquiti Product Lines –

 • AirFiber Antennas
 • AirFiber Radios
 • AirMax Antennas
 • AirMax Radios
 • Edge Routers
 • Edge Switches
 • EdgePoint Routers
 • Edge Routers

 • LightBeam Radios
 • NanoBeam Radios
 • PowerBeam Radios
 • Rocket Radios
 • ToughSwitch Switches
 • UniFi Switches
 • UniFi Cameras
 • UniFi Micro Cameras