IEC Non-Reversing Combination Starters

Electric motors and motor controls are measured by two different standards: the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). 

NEMA is mostly used in North America and started out by urging manufacturers to use a standard frame size for motor control and lighting applications. Since then, it sees to it that manufacturers design components that meet safety factors and design ratings, as well as oversees the configuration and performance parameters of electrical components. IEC oversees the standards for the European electrical communities. IEC-certified components are now widely being used by companies in North America and are low cost, compact and inherently safe to the users.

IEC starters are sold as components comprising a contactor, an auxiliary block and overload relay block. Each component is selected and assembled without the use of tools. IEC products are more flexible and modular and can snap on DIN rails up to 75mm.

Schneider Electric TeSys U is a self-protected combination starter that provides motor control for a wide range of applications. It can perform as a basic motor starter with solid state thermal overload protection or a sophisticated motor controller which communicates on networks and includes programmable motor protection. The modular design allows the 45mm wide power base to mount on either a panel or a 35mm DIN rail and the ability to select and install the various plug-in components for the application.


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Starter, Definite Purpose, nonreversing, 40A, 3 pole, 3 Phase, 120 VAC coil, melting alloy overload, open style
Definite Purpose Starter (Type: DPS) 40A, 2-Pole, 1-Phase, Open
Definite Purpose Starter (Type: DPS) 30A, 3-Pole, 3-Phase, Open
Starter, Definite Purpose, nonreversing, 30A, 3 pole, 3 Phase, 120 VAC coil, melting alloy overload, open style