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IEC Non-Reversing Combination Starters

Non-reversing combination starters are motor control devices that integrate multiple components into a single enclosure to provide control and protection for electric motors in non-reversing applications. These combination starters offer convenience, compactness, and enhanced functionality in motor control systems.

Non-reversing combination motor starters are designed to control the operation of electric motors. They typically incorporate components such as contactors, overload relays, and other control devices to start, stop, and protect the motor. They include short circuit protection to safeguard the motor and electrical circuits against excessive current caused by a short circuit fault. This protection is usually provided by a circuit breaker or a fuse. They also incorporate overload relays to protect the motor from overcurrent conditions that can occur due to excessive load or motor faults. Overload relays monitor the motor's current and trip the starter to interrupt power if the current exceeds a preset threshold.

IEC non-reversing combination starters adhere to the international standards set by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). These standards ensure compatibility, interoperability, and safety compliance with other IEC electrical devices and components.


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Starter, Definite Purpose, nonreversing, 40A, 3 pole, 3 Phase, 120 VAC coil, melting alloy overload, open style
Definite Purpose Starter (Type: DPS) 40A, 2-Pole, 1-Phase, Open
Definite Purpose Starter (Type: DPS) 30A, 3-Pole, 3-Phase, Open
Starter, Definite Purpose, nonreversing, 30A, 3 pole, 3 Phase, 120 VAC coil, melting alloy overload, open style