SCADAPack PLC Cables

SCADAPack™ Smart RTUs combine the communication and monitoring capabilities of an RTU with the processing and data-logging power of a PLC. They are ideal for remote processes that require automatic supervision and autonomous control. They are designed for the harsh conditions associated with remote sites in applications such as oil and gas and water and wastewater facilities.

SCADAPack™ I/O Expansion Modules are designed to be added to SCADAPack Smart RTUs, easily expanding the base I/O configurations to more than 700 process I/O points. The expansion modules are available for a wide range of process I/O requirements, from analog and digital I/O to I/O simulators and a UPS module, a maximum of twenty I/O modules may be connected for an expansion of up to 512 digital inputs, 512 digital outputs, 128 analog inputs, 64 counters and 64 analog outputs, on some models. Regardless of what communication format is required, there is a communication module to fit the need. From the traditional leased line, phone line and radio-transceiver, to the latest ethernet and SDI-12 technologies, communication modules make data transfer easy.

SCADAPack™ PLC Cables or Intermodule Cables are ribbon cables that distribute power and communication signals from SCADAPack RTUs to SCADAPack Expansion Modules. These power and communication signals are referred to as the I/O bus.


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SCADAPack TBUM297212 Intermodule Cable Extension Adapter
SCADAPack TBUM297174 Shielded Intermodule Cable, 72 inches (1.82) long
SCADAPack TBUM297162 Shielded Intermodule Cable, 45 inches (1.14) long
SCADAPack TBUM297131 Shielded Intermodule Cable, 30 inches (0.76) long
SCADAPack TBUM297193 Shielded Intermodule Cable, 24 inches (0.61) long
SCADAPack TBUM297192 Shielded Intermodule Cable, 18 inches (0.45) long
SCADAPack TBUM297269 Shielded Intermodule Cable, 12 inches (0.3) long