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Wire Label Printer Accessories

Labels and tags are important tools for communicating important information about electrical panels and equipment. Safety labels are used to warn operators about specific hazards. These labels generally include a word of warning, a symbol and a safety message. They are brightly colored and use red, orange and yellow to attract attention. Identification labels are used on electrical panels and wiring to clarify the types of electrical signals and connections that are being used. They are also used to identify components, power ratings and other safety and work-related information. Regulatory requirements set specific guidelines for color, sizing and information for labels. 

Labels must be easy to read and able to withstand the environment. In some applications, there may be exposure to harsh temperatures, outdoor weather and sources of corrosion. It is also important to consider the surface area and any contours that may be present in the location for labeling. This could impact the type of material or adhesive used for the label. For some applications, adhesive-backed polyester or vinyl labels will provide the best balance of cost and durability. These materials are pliable enough to fit the curve of a surface and come in a variety of sizes and colors. Additional choices are available to fully customize labeling including the material, thickness, size and type of adhesive. 

Phoenix Contact has developed a complete system for planning, marking and printing labels for industrial terminals, cables, conductors and equipment. Their MARKING system includes planning and marking software (PROJECT) which is coordinated with associated hardware. One interface is used which enables the direct import of data from electronics planning. Two types of printers are available. Thermal transfer printers and high-speed laser marker printers with UV LED technology. Both printers work with a standardized, user-friendly control menu and produce durable markings that have been tested to satisfy all international norms and standards.


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Phoenix Contact 1032776 PT-SL/VWAG - Label
Phoenix Contact 1852875 VC-BZS WH - Marker labels, unprinted, 5-section, for individual labeling with M-PEN or CMS system, white
Phoenix Contact 0801802 TR-PRESSURE ROLLER STANDARD - Standard pressure roller
Phoenix Contact 0801800 TR-PRESSURE ROLLER DR4-50 - Pressure roller for continuous shrink sleeve
Phoenix Contact 0801810 TR-MARGIN STOP - Locking
Phoenix Contact 0831835 TOPMARK LASER STATION - Unit for accommodating the TOPMARK LASER or TOPMARK NEO with space for an extraction unit and a notebook
Phoenix Contact 1012100 TMN-PRE FILTER - Prefilter for TOPMARK NEO, for replacement
Phoenix Contact 1229456 THERMOMARK GO CASE - Practical and robust case for storing the THERMOMARK GO and THERMOMARK GO.K mobile printers as well as accessories. The case offers space for 9 material cartridges and maximum flexibility for all transport situations thanks to the proven L-BOXX system.
Phoenix Contact 1229457 THERMOMARK GO BAG - Flexible shoulder bag and belt pouch for the THERMOMARK GO mobile printer. Additional pockets provide space for a smartphone and materials.
Phoenix Contact 1192931 THERMOMARK E.WRAP - Applicator for the efficient printing and applying of E-WML... wire-wrap labels on wires and cables in a single automated process step
Phoenix Contact 1203216 THERMOMARK E.WIRE - Applicator for the efficient printing and application of movable E-WM... markers on wires and cables in a single automated process step
Phoenix Contact 1192932 THERMOMARK E.SLEEVE - Applicator for the efficient printing and application of E-WMS... shrink sleeves and marking sleeves on wires and cables in a single automated process step