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Enclosure Keyboard Shelves & Trays

Enclosure keyboard shelves are specifically designed to hold keyboards and often include a mouse tray for complete user input convenience. These shelves typically have a sliding mechanism that allows the keyboard and mouse tray to be retracted into the enclosure when not in use, providing a tidy and efficient way to manage space. The slide-out feature also offers ergonomics, allowing for comfortable typing and navigation without having to reach into the enclosure.

The dimensions of keyboard shelves, such as width and depth, are important to ensure they fit within the enclosure and can accommodate standard-sized keyboards. Some models offer additional features like a flush design, which allows the shelf to sit seamlessly with the enclosure when retracted, maintaining a sleek and professional appearance.


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Hoffman DKB02 The keyboard drawer eases operations when a PC or equivalent is used and can be easily stored away.Feature: keyboard drawer to be mounted onto front and rear 19-inch profiles within floor standing enclosuresAdvantage: the keyboard tray needs to be extracted from the 19-inch profiles to allow access to operators; when the keyboard is no longer required it can be locked away for security purposesBenefit: the tray makes operations easier for the end user; when an interface with the panel is no longer required, access is limited when the keyboard is locked awayComment: 19-inch profiles are required in the front and rear of the enclosure before the keyboard drawer can be mounted
Rittal 6446030 Human/Machine Interface Accessories, The integral touchpad means there is no need to install a mouse in the correct protection category, and cabling is also reduced., Height: "
Rittal 6321010 Human/Machine Interface Accessories, Adjustable to different keyboard depths via a simple slide function., Height: ", Width:  16.9 "
Rittal 6002130 Human/Machine Interface Accessories, Super-slimline keyboard with cursor keys and trackball, the handle also acts as a hand rest.
Rittal 2383020 Human/Machine Interface Accessories, Mounted on the left/right keyboard rest, latches in place automatically, both when retracted and extended.
Rittal 2382000 Human/Machine Interface Accessories, To fit mousepad rest, holds a standard mouse securely.
Rittal 2381000 Human/Machine Interface Accessories, The angle of the rest can be individually adjusted.
Rittal 2379900 Human/Machine Interface Accessories, Screw-fastened to the fold-out tray, to fit all standard mousepads up to 250 x 205 mm.
Rittal 2379800 Human/Machine Interface Accessories, Installed in 600 and 800 mm wide doors and 19" pivoting frame and enclosures., Height: 14 ", Width:  26.9 ", Depth: 4.96 "
Rittal 2379600 Human/Machine Interface Accessories, Installed in 600 and 800 mm wide doors and 19" pivoting frame and enclosures., Height: 14 ", Width:  19 ", Depth: 4.96 "
This keyboard tray can be mounted on any vertical enclosure surface, such as a door or a panel, and maintains the protection degree when in use. It can be closed and locked to prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing it.
Hoffman PKBS8 PROLINE-PC Keyboard Shelf Reversible stylized Keyboard Shelf allows two options for mounting keyboards. The standard keyboard can be placed in the recessed side wtih recess of 5-degrees from horizontal with a knockout to allow the keyboard cord into the shelf interior. The flush side of the shelf has a 12-degree mounting surface for membrane-type keyboards. Rear hole and grommet provide keyboard cable access into the enclosure. Ergonomic keyboard has aluminum die-cast ends and an aluminum extrusion across the front edge to add styling detail and function as a palm rest . Rear mounting surface is gasketed to maintain UL and CSA class of the enclosure. 14-gauge steel with RAL 7035 textured, lightgray, polyester powder paint finish.