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RSP Supply Company Profile
RSP Supply is an authorized distributor of industrial hardware, power, communication, and automation hardware. The complete package is our focus at RSP Supply. We know that the products you are looking for are important. Our goal is to provide you with the products you need for your application, with excellent service, and at excellent prices. We have knowledge or our products and can help you find the right products for the job. We also have free technical support and can help you get the right products for your job. Please call us or email us for any questions or request for quotes.

The RSP Advantage

Our goal is to streamline the bidding and buying process with our specialized tools like our:

Easy Navigation System
- In a Category Page you will see Navigation Filters that configure your products. With each click of a Spec you choose it eliminates products that don't have that spec. Quickly you narrow the selection to the exact products you need required for your job.
Job Manager- You can add products to a job name that you specify. Gathering all the products into one location for bidding your job. You can retreive the job at any time and edit the the quantities, add, and delete products to update the job. You can buy the entire job or any products from the job at any time with the push of a button. You can also download the job hardware list to an excel spreadsheet or share it with someone where it copies the job to their Job Manager.

Documentation Management- You can download all the spec sheets for you job in the Job Manager with the push of one button. You can also download all the CAD drawings or User Manuals the same way. They will all download to a folder on your desktop.

Easy Search- In our Search Bar as you type a dropdown appears with the results of the most relevant products inluding the picture for easy identification for the right product you are looking for.


We know the elements necessary for a successful remote site application and have experience in designing effective fail-safe systems. Our engineers will be happy to help you figure out the best design for your system, or, if you have questions about a specific product we can help you there as well. We are far more than a company that just sells "stuff". We actually know what we are working with and why it is important.


When you buy from RSP Supply, you can have confidence that you are buying a quality product. The products we carry are the top brands and models on the market and have shown themselves to be robust and reliable. We know that a single unreliable product can be the one weak link in a chain that can be very costly when broken. Our products will keep your application running smoothly.


In addition to providing top quality products, we are committed to offering fantastic prices. We make sure that our prices are fair and try to keep our prices as low as anyone else. We know that our customers become our partners and trust us to maintain these fair prices. This is our commitment to you.


As your partner you can count on us to provide you with the highest level of customer service and support. We will get the answers you need. We don't believe in the common practice of selling a product and then forgetting about the customer. We will take care of you and you will see the difference.

We appreciate your business.


The RSP Supply Team