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Panel Design

Panel design includes the layout and configuration of a power supply panel. The design typically involves selecting the appropriate components such as circuit breakers, fuses, switches, transformers, and other devices necessary for controlling and distributing electrical power. A well-designed RSP supply panel can help improve system reliability, reduce downtime, and enhance overall performance.

Panel Fabrication

Panel fabrication involves the process of assembling the components of the power supply panel according to the design specifications. This process typically includes cutting and drilling the metal enclosure to mount the components, wiring and connecting the devices, and testing the panel's functionality. Fabrication requires skilled personnel and specialized tools and equipment to ensure the accuracy and quality of the work.

FAT Testing

Panel fabrication FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing) is a critical step in ensuring the quality and functionality of industrial control panels. This testing process is conducted prior to the shipment of the control panel to its intended location. The purpose of FAT testing is to identify any potential issues or defects in the control panel before it is shipped to the installation site. This can help to prevent costly delays and downtime during installation and commissioning.


Our team of experienced engineers and technicians work closely with our clients to design and manufacture customized control panels that meet their specific needs and requirements. Once the control panel is fabricated, our team can also provide professional installation services to ensure that it is installed correctly and operates efficiently. Our installation process is thorough and efficient, and we take every precaution to ensure that the installation is completed safely.

RSP Supply

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