RSP Supply carries GridComm Products!
GridComm is known for their contribution to street light networks as well as their loT sensors throughout cities.  The technology used in the cities are gridComm’s Power Line Communication Modems which RSP Supply carries!  Find these gridComm Modems Here! These modems are extremely reliable and optimal in data communication for traffic, weather, and even pollution.  You can find our fill line of Industrial Modems-Routers here!



With a RS485 to PLC modem: 

  •  Configurable with up to 54 Carrier Frequencies out of 100 pre-installed frequencies between 5KHz to 500KHz. 
  •  Over 18 channels in 3QPSK, 3BPSK or 1BPSK modulation schemes with up to18 levels of redundancy. 


About GridComm: 
With Headquarters located in Singapore, gridComm’s mission is to make cities smarter. BY reducing energy cost and also creating a reliable and efficient power network throughout the city, they can create a system that communicates across the entire city. This allows for information to be collected and transmitted easily and quickly to obtain information such as weather or traffic.