Ethernet Modules

Ethernet switches are hardware devices that centralize communications among multiple connected Ethernet devices, such as computers Wi-Fi access points, IoT devices and servers, to one local area network (LAN).

They manage the flow of data across the network by transmitting received network packets to one or more devices for which the packets are intended. Ethernet switches can identify every device connected to them and direct the traffic flow of the devices, which ensures the efficiency and security of the network.

Device servers and gateways enable integration of serial devices and buses into Ethernet networks. The most common industrial data transmission protocols are supported and, depending on the application, a simple device server for interface conversion, or gateways and proxies with integrated protocol conversion, will be needed. Serial data can either be transmitted transparently over Ethernet or converted to Modbus/TCP, PROFINET, or EtherNet/IP using the gateways. 

Phoenix Contact HART gateways convert the digital HART protocol into Ethernet protocols, PROFINET, Modbus/TCP or HART-IP. This allows for parametrization and monitoring of HART field devices via Ethernet networks. The modular HART to Ethernet gateway can connect up to 40 HART devices.


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Four-channel digital input and four-channel digital output module with screw connection
Eight-channel HART expansion module with analog loop supply and screw connection
Four-channel HART expansion module, with screw connection
Eight-channel HART expansion module, with screw connection
Eight-channel HART expansion module, with screw connection, with 250 Ω internal input resistors