RFID Sensors

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) sensors are electronic tags that contain an integrated circuit and antenna that stores information about the object to which it is attached. The RFID system makes it possible to trace, identify and access control functions through a simple radio frequency link. When a tag enters the field generated by the smart antenna/reader, it detects the signal and exchanges the data between its memory and the smart antenna/reader. RFID sensors can improve the efficiency of manufacturing processes and improve equipment oversight.

RFID systems are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions such as, extreme temperatures, chemical exposure, humidity and abrasive elements, which makes it an ideal choice for industrial environments. RFID tags can store information that can be used to optimize production processes. It can tag and monitor real-time movement of raw materials, which can lead to efficient production planning. It can monitor equipment within a facility by tagging machines, trucks, forklifts, conveyers and collect timely and accurate data. RFID sensors can provide detailed information about the usage, maintenance and repair history of each piece of equipment.


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Schneider XGST2020 13.56 MHz 5 VDC,3.7 VDC 1 LED ,OLED colour touchscreen Portable diagnostic terminal
Schneider XGST2BA XGST2020,XGST2CH Accessory
Schneider XGSZK1 XGST2020 Accessory
Schneider XGST2422 Accessory
Schneider XGSZ24 18 - 30 VDC,24 VDC RS232/RS485 interface
Schneider XGFEC540 30 - 90 mm XGCS4901201 + XGHB440245,XGCS4901201 + XGHB90E340,XGCS4901201 + XGHB520246,XGCS4901201 + XGHB320345,XGCS4901201 + XGHB320246 Accessory
Schneider XGSZ33PDP Profibus DP V1 24 VDC 2 Dual Color LEDs,1 Green LED,1 Red LED XGCS49,XGCS89 Connection Profibus box
Schneider XGSZ33ETH Modbus TCP/IP 24 VDC 2 Green LEDs,2 Red LEDs,1 Yellow LED XGCS49,XGCS89 Connection Ethernet box
Schneider TCSAMT31FP Modbus,Uni-Telway 24 VDC 1 Green LED XGCS49,XGCS89 Connection tap-off box
Schneider XGSZCNFAC 13.56 MHz,EEPROM PVC (polyvinyl chloride) XGCS491 Electronic tag
Schneider XGHBPB3345 13.56 MHz,EEPROM 30 mm with XGCS49,35 mm with XGCS89,35 mm with XGCS85 PC (polycarbonate) XGCS Electronic tag
Schneider XGHB90E341 13.56 MHz,EEPROM 40 mm with XGCS89,40 mm with XGCS85,30 mm with XGCS49 PVC (polyvinyl chloride) XGCS Electronic tag