Sounder Horns

Pilot devices provide control and condition monitoring of different types of processes, equipment and machinery in industrial and commercial applications. They are used for communication from a machine to an operator or from an operator to a machine. Pilot devices can be an audio or visual indicator, or an actuator that is used to control the flow of energy to a process. Visual indicators are: pilot lights, signal towers, strobes and beacons. Audio indictors are: buzzers and sounder horns. Actuators are: push buttons, selector switches, toggle switches and potentiometers.

Sounder horns output an audible signal when a voltage is applied to their input power terminals. The tone is pre-programmed into the circuitry and the sound is emitted when power is supplied. Sounder horns are widely used for generating evacuation alarms in the event of a fire, chemical spill or gas leak. Other applications include machinery start-up alarms, heavy equipment movement, back-up warning systems and movement of doors, barriers and gates.