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Multi-Channel Solid-State Relay Modules

Relay modules contain components that make switching and connecting easier, and act as indictors to show if the module is powered and if the relay is active. On the input side of a standard single-channel relay module, is the screw terminal block. This is the part of the module that comes in contact with the mains, and screw terminals make it easier to connect thick mains cables. The three connections on the terminal block are connected to the normally open, normally closed and common terminals of the relay. An input jumper is used to supply power to the relay coil and the ‘relay status LED.’ The output connectors are wires that are suitable for hardware connection.

Solid state relays are electronic switching devices that switch on and off with a small input voltage to control a larger output voltage or current. Because solid state relays use semiconductors or electronics to transfer signals, there are no moving subcomponents, resulting in faster performance, less noise emitted and a longer lifespan.

Phoenix Contact Multi-Channel Solid State Relay Modules are part of the VARIOFACE Professional (VIP) line. The VIP line can be used universally with push-in or screw connection. The high-position plug-in connectors enable single wires of the sensor/activator level to be connected to the automation interface quickly and in accordance with industry requirements. The tool-free connection of the push-in terminal blocks saves time in single core wiring and the large variety of system cables allows for safe and error-free connections in harsh industrial environments.


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