Hoffman COMPACT Series 1 Pendant Arm System

HMI enclosures are designed specifically for the wide range of Human Machine Interface applications found in industrial settings. It is important to have customization options like removable front plates that allow for easy installation of HMI components, optional door panels that can be mounted anywhere and cutout options where needed. Some enclosures are designed to enclose, protect and suspend lightweight HMI devices. HMI enclosures should always be rated to protect sensitive systems from the sometimes harsh environments found in industrial settings. This would include protection against moisture, chemicals and dirt, as well as, temperature variations.

Hoffman COMPACT Series 1 pendant arm system is designed for mounting and positioning lightweight or small HMI controls and instruments up to 30 pounds. Series 1 is made of aluminum and comes in 4 pre-assembled models. It easily attaches to a wall or machine and moves both vertically and horizontally. The arm can be configured to mount to the back, top or bottom of an enclosure.

Hoffman COMPACT Series 2 pendant arm systems allow users to easily move controls into and out of position as needed. They can be mounted to a machine, wall or floor. With a maximum load of 101 pounds at 3.3 feet, the COMPACT Series 2 offers superior load-bearing capacity and functional reliability. 

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Hoffman CCS1HDL Black Handle mounts to end of COMPACT Series 1 arm in prethreaded hole.
Hoffman CCS1H8 COMPACT Series 1 Motion Arm Pendant Arm
Hoffman CCS1H5 COMPACT Series 1 Motion Arm Pendant Arm
Hoffman CCS1H8V COMPACT Series 1 Motion Arm Pendant Arm
Hoffman CCS1H5V COMPACT Series 1 Motion Arm Pendant Arm